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Sea turtles migrate from around the world, and arrived at the Port Onahama, Iwaki City, Fukushima. Fukushima means Happy Island. Welcome to the Happy Island!
Our colleagues have the common understanding as reviving the ideal circulation among Oceans, Mountains and Rivers. Since the opening in 2000, as the Environmental Aquarium, Aquamarine Fukushima is sending messages, "Think about our Future on Earth." Also, Aquamarine Fukushima has been challenging to make the fence between zoos and aquariums lower and transforming to the ideal nature of more than 3000 years ago, that is the Jomon Zoo. We do hope you can enjoy as Jomon people while you are staying Onahama, Happy Island, Fukushima.
Executive Director Yoshitaka Abe

Yoshitaka Abe

What is the International Aquarium Congress?

The International Aquarium Congress (IAC) began in 1960 under the name International Congress of Aquariology. The first two congresses held under this name were both at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. The second congress in 1988 was the final one under this name. It later changed to its current name from the third congress held at the New England Aquarium of Boston in 1993. At that time, it was also decided that the IAC will be held in each continent in turn, and Tokyo Sea Life Park hosted the fourth IAC in 1996. Since then, it has been held every four years. The number of aquariums in the world has increased to over 600, and the IAC provides the perfect meeting place for these aquariums to discuss our precious water-world's ecosystem. Value of the ocean and necessity of conserving the marine resources are increasing in recent years, so the next IAC will be held two years after the former IAC from November 5 to 10, 2018 in Fukushima. After this, it is supposed to be held every three years.

Aquarium Congress

Themes of previous IACs

  Year Host Theme
1st 1960 Oceanographic Museum of Monaco Held as International Congress of Aquariology
2nd 1988 Oceanographic Museum of Monaco Held as International Congress of Aquariology
3rd 1993 New England Aquarium (USA) Aquarium 2000
4th 1996 Tokyo Sea Life Park (Japan) Sharing the Water Planet
5th 2000 Oceanographic Museum of Monaco The Aquarium: a new link between Man and Nature through the quest for authenticity
6th 2004 Monterey Bay Aquarium (USA) Making Connections, Inspiring Conservation
7th 2008 Shanghai Ocean Aquarium (China) Progress and Conservation: The role of aquariums in protecting the aquatic environment
8th 2012 Two Oceans Aquarium (South Africa) The Global Aquarium Community: Sharing experiences and correctively inspiring change
9th 2016 Vancouver Aquarium (Canada) Aquariums: A growing force for global change
10th 2018 Aquamarine Fukushima (Japan) Think about our future on the water planet

About the Host and Organizer

Aquamarine Fukushima

Changing the “Why” about the Ocean to “I see.”
Won't you experience the vast depths and life of the ocean?

Through the ocean, we can think about the future of humankind and earth.

The source of the Kuroshio and Oyashio can be found in the Shiome Sea. At Aquamarine Fukushima, our theme is to recreate the Shiome (current rip) of the Pacific, which is a major characteristic of Fukushima.

In the aquarium filled with natural light, we exhibit plants and recreate the ecosystem of the Okhotsk Sea, which is the source of the Oyashio, the nature of tropical Asia, which is the source of Kuroshio and the ocean, mountains, and rivers of Hamadori in Fukushima. In our Experience Programs, such as workshops and backyard tours, you can interact with the organisms in both the indoor and outdoor facilities and experience more than just looking at the creatures.

At the Children's Experience World, Aquamarine Egg, which was newly built in 2010, there are a variety of uniquely shaped tanks where children can have fun while observing the organisms. There is also a fishing corner where children can eat the fish they catch and learn about the meaning of eating living things and the value of life. Aquamarine Fukushima aims to provide children with an opportunity to learn about the importance of life in order to nurture a new generation of people who are kind to the environment.

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Aquamarine FukushimaAquamarine Fukushima
Aquamarine FukushimaAquamarine Fukushima
Aquamarine FukushimaAquamarine Fukushima


10th IAC Domestic Committee
[Aquarmarine Fukushima, Fukushima Prefecture, Iwaki City, Inawashiro Town, Iwaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Iwaki Tourism and City Planning Bureau, Onahama City Planning Citizen Conference, Fukushima Prefectural Federation of Fisheries Co-operative Associations (Onahama Federation of Medium Trawlers), Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Enoshima Aquarium, Tokyo Zoological Park Society, Tokyo Sea Life Park, Niigata City Aquarium]

Tokyo Sea Life Park

Venue of the Pre-event in Tokyo

Tokyo Sea Life Park, opened in 1989, has a symbolic glass dome that looks like floating in the Tokyo Bay. There are various exhibits such as "Voyager of the Sea" where you can see sharks and tuna swimming and "The Seas of the World" displaying living creatures of the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Indian Ocean. "The Sea of Tokyo" exhibits organisms in Tokyo Bay including Ogasawara area. There are more exhibit areas: "Oceans of the Polar Regions", "Penguins", and "Sea Birds" which shows common murres and tufted puffins. "Nature along the Water's Edge" displays organisms by reproducing the water flow of ponds, marshes, and the upper and middle reaches of rivers.

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About Fukushima, About Iwaki

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Venue: Onahama Fish Market

The Onahama fish market will be the venue for the International Aquarium Congress (IAC) Fukushima in 2018. Now, seafood is an important resource, and world consumption is increasing year by year. It is concerning that the population of some fish species are dramatically declined by overfishing and they become extinct. On the other hand, especially in Japan, there is a serious manpower shortage for fishery in some areas because of the declined number of fishermen. What can aquariums do for those issues of fisheries and marine resources? This is one of the important themes of the next IAC. "Fish Market" is the suitable place to discuss such various issues.
Many events boosting the IAC are planned to be held at the Aquamarine Park. It is another theme of the next IAC that guests from various regions both from Japan and abroad and also those who live in Iwaki can enjoy the whole event together and love Iwaki.

Onahama Fish Market
Onahama Fish Market

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