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Abstract Submission

Submission of abstract for the congress will be accepted electronically through web site. Please read carefully the specifications below before submitting your abstract.

Abstract Submission

Paper Deadlines

Abstract Deadline May 31, 2018 (JST)
July 20, 2018
Abstract Acceptance Notification The middle of July, 2018 (JST)
August, 2018
Full Paper for the Proceedings During the conference

Presentation Style

Instructions for Presentations

1. Submission of Full Papers

All presenters (Oral & Poster) are asked to submit their full papers in PDF format to the Full Paper Desk during the conference.
The submitted full papers will appear in the final proceedings of IAC to be published after the conference.
Details about the preparation of the full paper will be found in the Full Paper Guideline.
In the case of not submitting the full paper, please be aware that only your abstract will be printed on the proceedings.

2. Oral Presentation

Speakers are asked to hold their presentation in English.
A simultaneous translation to Japanese and Chinese will be provided.
Q&A's in Japanese and Chinese are feasible.
PCs running Windows 10 will be available at the conference venue.
Speakers are not allowed to use their own laptop computer, avoiding useless time breaks in between presentations.

Speakers are requested to bring their presentation on a USB memory stick in MS-PowerPoint or Adobe PDF format and upload it onto the computer at the Presenter's desk at least 2 hours before their session starts.

A laser pointer and PowerPoint switcher will be available on the podium. Speakers should switch their presentation slides by themselves, but technical assistance will be provided if a self-operation is not feasible.

PowerPoint Instructions:
  1. File Format: On-site PCs will include PowerPoint 2010/2013/2016, running Windows 10.
  2. Please create your PowerPoint with a 4:3 aspect ratio. Make sure that your presentation data size is appropriate
  3. Name your presentation accordingly: "abstract receipt number -name of speaker"
    For example: "a00000 Yoshitaka Abe" The abstract receipt number is mentioned in the "IAC2018 Abstract Acceptance Notification".
  4. Only fonts that are included in the basic installation of MS-Windows will be available. Use of other fonts not included in Windows can cause wrong layout/ style of your presentation.
  5. Using animations or videos in your presentation is not restricted, but please test your presentation at the Presenter's Desk.
3. Poster Presentation

The poster must be B1 size (728mmx1030mm) in portrait orientation.
Please indicate the Poster Title, Name, and Affiliation as stated on the submitted abstract at the top of the poster.

Posters must be prepared in English. Adding other languages is allowed.

Please bring your printed poster with you to the venue and refer to the Final Program book that you will receive upon arrival at the Congress for the poster board number assigned to you.
Printing Opportunities for your poster will not be available.

Materials to place your poster will be provided at the venue.

The poster session is divided into two days:
Poster Session 1- November 8, 17:30-19:30 for odd poster number.
Poster Session 2- November 9, 17:50-19:30 for even poster number.
Both Sessions will be held at the main conference venue, Onahama Fish Market.
*For your poster number, please refer to PDF poster session schedule in schedule page.

Mounting Time of the Posters: Before November 8.
Removal Time of the Posters: Before November 11, 16:00 (4 PM).
Please be noted that remaining posters after the above mentioned removal time will be disposed by the IAC Secretariat.

Abstract Submission Procedure

To submit an abstract, authors must first create an account. Click the "Abstract Submission" button at the top of this page and create an account beforehand. Then, and only then, proceed to submit your abstract through "My LaCool User". If you already have the registered account, please submit through your personal account.
Instructions on submissions are available here.

  • Please note that the access for the submission page may be concentrated just before the deadline. Therefore it is strongly recommended that the submission is completed in advance.

The submitted abstract will be able to modify through the personal account until the deadline of May 31, 2018 July 20, 2018 (JST).

Regulation of Submission Data

  • Abstract exclusive of title is not to exceed 300 words.
  • No figures should be included.
  • Title should be written in title case.
    Please see the below examples for the titles written in title case.
    (e.g) Aquarium Collection Sustainability - Planning for the Future
    Aquatic Life Support Systems (LSS) and Control of Diseases
  • Please inform Secretariat of IAC 2018 FUKUSHIMA (,
    if the top author is not expected to be a presenter at the congress.
  • Please inform Secretariat of IAC 2018 FUKUSHIMA (,
    if there will be more than one presenter at the congress.

Abstract Categories

The selection of category is used for abstaract review only.
These categories are not the session themes.

Exhibition, Husbandry
Sustainable Fisheries
Business Operation

Notification of Abstract Submission

Once the abstract is submitted, notification of abstract submission will automatically be sent to your registered e-mail address.
If you do not receive the automated e-mail, please contact to Secretariat of IAC 2018 FUKUSHIMA (

Notification of Acceptance

All abstracts submitted will be reviewed, and then the top author will be notified of the paper's acceptance or rejection by the middle of July 2018 in August 2018.
The notification of acceptance will be sent to your registered e-mail.
The final decision of the acceptance is left to the Program Committee.

Congress Registration

The person expected to make the presentation should register as soon as possible to secure the presentation on the final congress program.

Accepted abstracts will be included in the USB that the participants will receive on site at the IAC Registration desk.

Abstract Submission


Full Papers for the proceedings will be collected during the conference.
Please use the Full Paper Guideline for your preparation.

For inquiries about abstract submission:

Secretariat of IAC 2018 FUKUSHIMA
c/o Japan Convention Services, Inc.
E-mail :

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